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Distance or No Distance?

Long distance relationships are extremely common in 2018 and only continue to grow as the state of social media improves. My experiences regarding distant relationships were actually pleasant. Our geographical location in which we each were was the only con; initially. At that current point in time, I was a junior in college, looking forward to graduation and my post graduate endeavors. I took pride in going to see my boyfriend at the time because it meant traveling, free food, being spoiled with additional attention and most importantly, quality time.

While I’d love to blame the distance between us for our breakup, it shared no responsibility. It was one of those things where two people who were madly in love needed time to grow and come into their own. As heartbreaking as the decision would be  for most, it was one of those things that you necessarily did not want to do, but had to.  Fortunately, it worked out for the best. We are still friends, support one another and the best part is, genuine love is still there. Although I’m unsure of what the future may hold, I’m happy with the current state of my life and can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

Now that I’m 24 years of age, I view relationships on an entire new level. I wholeheartedly believe that long distant relationships are doable, however, both parties must put in the effort. This includes having the understanding that finances must be taken into consideration for travel and the frequency in which you all are visiting one another. In situations such as this, communication is key due to the fact that you aren’t able to physically see one another. That being said, take advantage of video chat options like FaceTime or Skype.

I aspire to be a wife and I’m currently praying for constant preparation, which is why I’ve come to the realization that whether my next relationship is distant or takes place in the same vicinity, it all boils down to my significant other and I being on one accord. Is marriage the goal, are they family oriented, can they pray for me and pray to God to seek guidance in a time of uncertainty? I sometimes feel as if women have the tendency to get caught up on a checklist of what they expect relationships to be and tend to complicate things when they can be so simple. Men aren’t as difficult as we make them seem and typically know if you’re the one or someone they can see themselves with within 6 months.

If you’ve met someone in which you share an instant connection, have undeniable chemistry with, whose morals align with yours, can have fun with and enjoy each other’s company while doing absolutely nothing, but your relationship may have to start off distant initially, give it a try. If you all are serious about one another, you will make it a point to relocate to an area that fits the both of your needs. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and if he truly wants it, he’ll go after it (you).

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The Top 5 Myths About Travel Agents

Myth #1: Agents cost extra

Truth: Agents actually save you money


Perhaps the most common misconception about agents is that we tack on unnecessary fees, so the prices are always higher. The truth is, agents have access to special rates/discounts.

Many times, the rates we find aren’t even available online because they are exclusive to agents only.

We also get the inside scoop on upgrades and packages, so you may be able to afford an even better experience than you’d imagine!

Myth #2: I can do a better job booking on my own.

Truth: Agents are industry experts. We are required to know more than the average person on various destinations.



With the help of sites such as, Travelocity, CheapOAir, etc. you can do it all yourself, right?

Wrong. Sometimes, the knowledge of an agent is needed to ensure you have a seamless vacation.

As agents, we’re required to do specific training that allows us to not only get insider information directly from the tourism boards of various countries, but we’ll also be able to put the pieces of your trip together easily with this information!

That means that we know when you need a visa, when you don’t, if you need certain vaccinations or not, what’s customary in the region, what isn’t, and everything else in between.

PLUS all of this information is given to you well before you book, so you know any unexpected costs beforehand.

***Found an irresistible travel deal online? Submit what you’ve found to us here and we’ll price match it!***

Myth #3: I’ll lose my loyalty points booking through an agent.

Truth: We can apply your loyalty numbers to all of the bookings done through us, and even get you extra points!


When you book through an agent, you’ll never lose out on an opportunity to earn loyalty points! Are you a specific hotel’s honor member or a frequent cruiser? Let us know at time of booking so you can earn or redeem your points!

Myth #4: If they’ve never been to the destination I’m going to, they won’t be able to give helpful tips.

Truth: We have destination experts at our disposal.


Agents have access to databases and people who either live or travel to popular destinations frequently. So, even if we’ve never gone somewhere ourselves, we still know the hottest spots to party, the greatest eateries, hole-in-the-wall joints, and even off-the-beaten path experiences we can suggest to our clients!

Myth #5: It’s difficult to get in touch with them when I need them.

Truth: Most home based agents are available whenever you need them at the click of a button!


Personally, you can reach me via text, call, email or private message almost any time of the day, though general turnaround time for a quote is 24-48 hours. In the case of an emergency, I’m available right away so you can handle whatever life throws at you and I can handle all of your travel needs.
Planning a vacation soon? In need of something exciting to do for your anniversary, birthday or favorite holiday? Request a quote with Magasweets 😊


Myth #5: It’s difficult to get in touch with them when I need them.

Truth: Most home based agents are available whenever you need them at the click of a button!



Myth #4: If they’ve never been to the destination I’m going to, they won’t be able to give helpful tips.

Truth: We have destination experts at our disposal.