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Who’s Who: Remaining Level- Headed Amid Success

Ever find yourself among a certain group of people or situation that calls for a drink or three to get through? This was me a few nights ago, but before we go there let’s start with how we got here, or moreso the leading question that inspired this post. Is the question “what do you do for a living” within 5 minutes of meeting someone a common question all over or just one that comes with living in the city. I’ve come to find the question rather annoying. Not because I’m not excited to share what it is I do, and maybe even throw what I’m passionate about and currently working towards on the side in this answer, but because most times it doesn’t seem genuine. In fact, it’s as if this question is asked to determine whether or not I’m of use connection or networking wise or If I’m in their socioeconomic bracket. Iv’e even experienced rather blatant dismissiveness if my response doesn’t meet their expectations. Now, this brings me back to my few nights ago event. At this particular non- networking gathering, sure enough, once again, this question was asked. Frequently. Outside of all the occupations being revealed, a lot of very ego-based conversations seemed to be taking place. But what made matters slightly uncomfortable and called for a drink was that two kept referring to people they didn’t like or people a part of these stories as outsiders and others. They spoke so low of them as if their existence wasn’t as valuable as theirs because of what they did or wore. There was so much emphasis on aiming to be among the “elite” or associate themselves with those who can further their career agenda.

Friendly reminder: Nobody’s shit smells like roses. Despite how hard we may have worked for something or maybe how easily it may have came, things can change and it can be swept from under us in the blink of an eye. Our occupation or whatever else material things we may have doesn’t make us better than the next person. Circumstances and advantages definitely allow us to be better off than others, but not better than character wise and certainly doesn’t diminish the value of another individual’s life. I imagine we all have our arrogant moments. I’m guilty. But, emphasis on moments, and hopefully it isn’t too frequent. Work hard. Strive for what it is you want in this life. To know me is to know that I will always encourage people to go for what is you want in this life, the possibilities are endless! But as we climb our own individual ladders of what we deem to be success, try to remain level headed and always give thanks to the source! AND understand that networking is not basing possible connections off of one individual’s occupation or appearance. You never know who may know who and be mindful of how you dismiss people, you never know if or how you may cross paths with them again in the near future!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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New Year’s Resolutions: How About Now?

Out with the old in with the NEW. Who says you have to wait until January 1st to switch things up or start “new year’s resolutions.” In fact, what better time than to start now. Dust that notebook off or purchase a new one. NOW is the time to write down our goals, our plan of action, and begin working towards manifesting them. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Do we really want to wait until the first of a new year to start working out, eating right, finishing a book, managing our finances correctly, ect…. again? Discipline is key! Do exactly what you said you were going to do, set deadlines, and DO share it with those who you KNOW will hold you accountable. My mentor always tells me, “never take on an assignment without creating a deadline.” I’ve honestly been applying this concept to areas in my life outside of work and it definitely has been contributing to my overall peace of mind and pushes me to accomplish small milestones. Did you know that according to studies only about 8% of people accomplish their dreams? That means 92% of us  leave this earth with unfinished dream related business, or without even going for them. Realistically, many of us will fall into the 92%, but God willing, you and I won’t, but that starts with decisions we make moving forward. Which percentage are you trying to fall under? Why wait to do tomorrow what you can do today.

Check these motivational videos out regarding discipline and goals!



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Women to Know Wednesday: Social Media Influencer & Hair Product Line Creator Lianne D.

“No cosmetology training, purely operating off of passion,” Meet Lianne. She is the Creator of ChroniCurls, a platform dedicated to taking you through her natural hair journey, and the mind and owner behind the hair product line Pop! Curl Color. Her decision to go natural came about during pregnancy. She wasn’t sure whether or not relaxed hair upkeep was good for the baby at the time and knew that soon would come the time to do her baby girl’s hair. What started as simply documenting this journey via YouTube and Instagram five years ago has now generated a very large following and her making a name for herself in the cosmetology business realm, enhancing multiple curl patterns at a time with homemade products! She is originally from Danville, VA, but as an Airforce wife has done a lot of moving.

What inspired your transition from relaxed hair to going natural?

“At the time I decided to go natural I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t know if relaxers were good for her and I thought about how my mom always took me to the salon. I told myself I need to know how to do my daughter’s hair.”

What led to you sharing this transition with the public?

“I got comfortable with styling my natural hair and wanted to document it. It was also during the time that blogs like Curly Nikki and natural hair YouTubers were becoming more popular.”

What was your why in creating Pop! Curl Color?

“I wasn’t satisfied with other temporary hair colors on the market. I felt other products made the hair dry, so I wanted something that was fun and colorful but moisturizing and defining at the same time.”

What does Pop! Curl Color do for our hair?

“My products are temporary hair color and curl products.”

Are there any FDA regulations or testing that have to be followed when creating and selling hair products?

“No specific FDA regulations for cosmetic products but they do have strong recommendations. It also depends on your specific state’s regulations.”

When did you realize hair care and creating such products was a passion?

“When I realized I loved creating content about it on my YouTube channel & blog. I loved doing my hair. I loved the feeling I would feel when I would edit a video and it would come out exactly how I wanted it to.”

“My viewpoint on beauty and hair in general began to change and that’s when I realized I wanted to make natural hair a part of my life.”

What were some initial thoughts prior to kicking everything off, business wise?

“Initially I thought I would end up sticking to youtube, full time, and eventually making money off of that, but it didn’t work out that way. I had been sitting on this idea for a year and something told me to simply work on my own product when I had time. A few months ago I was able to launch it.”

Any initial fears prior to going forward with your products?

“Uncertainty had me super scared. I knew the concept was good, but I didn’t know if people would like it. I had never started a business before and also because I already had the large following on other social media platforms, I thought if it failed everybody would know!”

And how did you overcome these fears?

“It was a lot of prayer. I’m also in a groupchat with other bloggers. We all have similar interests. One day I went in the chat and told them what I was feeling, and they were all just so encouraging, as well as my husband.”

“Having somebody else to hold me accountable for what I said I was going to do pushed me over the edge.”

Advice for those interested in entering the cosmetology realm but hesitant due to uncertainty, no school training, or afraid of failing?

“Do your research, ask questions, and just do it! Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I was recently reading something that said “Launch it broken. Fix it live.” So even its not perfect go ahead and just do it. Launch it and continue to work on it as it goes along, because if you’re waiting for it to be perfect, it’ll never launch.”

Describe to me a typical Pop! Curl Color day or week.

“Pretty busy. I make the gel at home. I take a day I’m not working and make what I think I’ll need for the next week or two. Two days out of the week I spend packing and shipping. I have a process in place to stay organized so that when I’m off and my kids are home I can keep my attention on them.”

Personal strength that you feel have contributed to the success of Pop! Curl Color?

“I am very flexible, business and personal life wise, because things are not going to always go the way I want them to but I have to be quick coming up with another plan.”

Are your products for all hair textures ?

“My products are for all wavy, curly, and kinky hair types.”

Biggest accomplishment thus far from all of this?

“My biggest fear was people wouldn’t like it or understand it, so I’m proud that people really like it. I get really excited when customers send me pictures. It validates the idea behind the business to begin with and makes me feel good. I want women to like it and feel good about their hair.”

Lianne’s advice for those interested in making such products is to do your research, test other products, know what it is that you want, and to join online groups and websites that will guide you into launching your own products.

Outside of being an entrepreneur and using her social media platforms to influence and promote her products you can find Lianne exercising, enjoying the outdoors, online shopping, and being an Airforce wife as well an amazing mother to two beautiful kids! She also received a Bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a Masters in Health Sciences from Duke University. Her background is in medicine and she currently works part time as a Physician Assistant out of Alaska. If you’re natural and looking for quality products to enhance your curl pattern and add temporary color you should definitely follow her social media platforms!


Youtube, subscribe!

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Women to know Wednesday: Dee- Ann Kentish Rogers

Beauty standards being broken, one black woman at a time and I’m here for it! This past weekend, on July 14, Dee Ann Kentish- Rogers became the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain 2018. She competed in New Port Wales against 40 other women. Rogers, 25, will travel to the Philippines in December to compete at a chance to be crowned Miss Universe in the international Miss Universe pageant.

Dee- Ann was crowned Miss Anguilla 2017.  She is a Anguilla native and former heptathlon athlete (track and field related events). Due to a knee injury that led her to discontinue sports, she turned to pageant competitions full time. She is passionate about sports, feminism, the outdoors, and being a role model. This beauty embraces her dreadlocks and is brains as well! She has a degree in law from The University of Birmingham law school. Definitely a woman worth knowing.

dee ann

I believe that this is the direction that the pageant has been going in for the last couple of years because Britain is a diverse nation, we are a multicultural society and it is time that diversity is seen on a stage where other young black girls and girls of all ethnicities can see that this is something for everybody not just some of us” –

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Women to Know: Patrice A. Harris AMA’s first black female president-elect

It’s always refreshing to see women making history. Especially when they look like us! On June 12, 2018, Patrice A. Harris, MD, became the first black woman elected as president by the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates. Harris was nominated as its president elect at their annual meeting in Chicago. Harris is a psychiatrist from Atlanta. Her journey to be a service to others began at West Virginia University. Harris then went on to complete a psychiatry residency and forensics fellowships at Emory University. It was at Emory University where she held the Barton Senior policy fellow and worked for children, clinically, and worked within an advocacy arena. In 2011 she was elected to the AMA Board of Trustees. In 2014 she served as Secretary and in 2016 she served as Board Chair. Furthermore, through research I found that she served as Director of Health Services in Fulton County, Georgia. Within this role she led the Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and was the past president of the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association (APA). Harris’s past and present roles prove that she is well deserving and qualified for this newly elected position and definitely a woman to know!

patrice a harriss

“It will be my honor to represent the nation’s physicians at the forefront of discussions when policymaker and lawmakers search for practical solutions to the challenges in our nation’s health system. I am committed to preserving the central role of the physician-patient relationship in our healing art” – Dr. Harris.



AMA source 1

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Blessings In Disguise

The most gut wrenching aspect about life is the simple fact that regardless of the choices you make for yourself, you will never be in complete control of your circumstances. If you’re a perfectionist like myself, the activities that take place in your daily routine are predominately scheduled. Whether it be event and work meetings or the day, time and amount of funds that are to be removed in order to contribute to bills, everything is done in a timely manner. Unfortunately, you come to the realization that although you make your best efforts to ensure that you’ve dotted all of your, “I’s” and crossed all of your, “T’s”, unforeseen events still take place. 

A perfect example of this was when I originally moved into my condo. I was about (3) months in and the 1st week of the month quickly approached and I noticed a notification from my real estate company stating that the confirmation number for this month’s rent reflected an incomplete payment. To my surprise, I called my bank to find out that I was a victim of card theft and due to suspicious activity taking place on my account, they decided to freeze it. I was grateful that the institution whom I bank with was able to locate the discrepancy before any further damage took place on my account, but frustrated because due to their inability to notify me in a timely manner, my rent was late and an additional late fee was added to my overall payment. Had I foreseen this in the future, I would’ve transferred my funds into my second account.

I provided this past experience because it served as a teaching moment. There have been so many unexpected things taking place in my life in which I lack understanding. Typically when I endure these kind of events, God is up to something; something in which I prayed for. Storms always come before your shower of blessings, but it’s important to handle them in manner that reflects your trust for Him. Everything I’ve been asking Him is coming to fruition, but not in the way I thought it would. Usually, it happens this way; we ask for things, but then begin to question our desires because it doesn’t happen how or when we want it to. I ask that you be encouraged, stay focused and endure the storm because your time is coming.

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From Independence to Parental Supervision (Again)

One of the most challenging aspects about adulthood is decision making; quite ironic for an individual preparing to be a doctor right? I’m currently in the position in which I have to decide if I’m going to renew the least of my condo or take my father’s offer to move in with him to solely focus on school. If your’e an independent modernista like myself, then you know this is sparring with my pride.

I’ve weighed all of my pros and cons in regards to accepting his offer and all of the positives such as saving money, having the ability to allot more time to my studies and the decrease in excessive bills outweighed the negative. I’ve been living on my own since college, so the thought of living under parental supervision gives me slight anxiety. However, I am fully aware that once I officially begin medical school, I won’t be able to work a full time job. Although there are a rare percentage of medical students who do work, it’s usually a part time form of employment if they must.

I always used to say once I moved out, I’m out for good, but then I had to realize that accepting help from your parents is not only a rational decision, but an intelligent one. I feel blessed to be able to have the help that I do and I’m cognizant that it’s vital that I welcome the assistance because there will be a point in time where they will no longer be able to help me; the tables will turn and will then be my job to tend to them. I have my (5) year plan written out in order for me to stay on track, add or subtract certain factors and see my overall progress from start to finish, but my decision is still pending. My renewal is due very soon and my time is becoming limited, but after weighing my pros and cons, reviewing my plan and with additional prayer, I’m confident my decision will be the right one. If anyone is in a similar situation, I encourage you to make rational and emotionless decisions, weigh your options and make the choice that’s going to help propel you in reaching your goals.

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Success, Sacrifices and Stepping Out On Faith

Hey Modernistas!,

The question of the day is, “What does success mean to you”? We all have our own interpretation of what it looks like, but most of us aren’t sure of where to begin. Key factors such as making sacrifices and stepping out on faith are vital to ensure you reach your goals. Want additional insight? Check out the link for more: Success, Sacrifices & Stepping Out On Faith!

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Social Media & Business

Social Media & Business

It’s 2018 and it’s no secret that the opportunities made available these days are endless. We live in a time where your way of life can change in less than 24 hours simply by posting something online. Whether it’s a picture that just so happens to go viral, a video that just so happens to land in the right hands and leads to you being contacted in efforts to do business, or the multiple Instagram pages that advertise hair, art, or clothing. Social media has allowed for people to not only be seen by millions, but profit off of their passions, business endeavors, and my favorite one, profit off of being their authentic selves! Think it’s a game? According to there are now 25 million ACTIVE business profiles on Instagram. Entry level marketing positions solely for monitoring and maintaining the business’s social media pages are hot. Social media is powerful and it’s only right that individuals who are taking on or maintaining business endeavors take advantage of such an influential tool. However, what about the not so entrepreneurial minded individuals?

As previously stated, social media is powerful. If we consider the ways in which we as a society are influenced, social media is definitely at the forefront.  Let’s be honest, the idea of being your own boss looks pretty enticing. You decide when you clock in. You have the means and the time to travel as you please. Furthermore, you are the face of your company. According to social media timelines, being your own boss is trips and flashy designer items worth posting, right? This leads me to my question for you all, do you feel that social media has led people who are not business savvy to believe that they are?

If you have a vision that entails owning your own business, go for it! I am all for ambitious individuals pursuing entrepreneurial passions. However, I encourage you to do your own research and be honest with yourself when evaluating your “why.” Is it a passion, a solid business plan, or did you lead yourself to believe that it “looks” easy and profitable? Many want their own business, but many don’t have the mindset to run or maintain one. Starting and maintaining a business is hard work behind the scenes. You may or may not profit your first year or two. Building a team with individuals as passionate as you are about the vision or a strong work ethic may be a challenge. Furthermore, what sets your business or what you do apart from the rest? Who is your target audience?

And keep in mind the following business tips.

  • Profit or passion?

Extra income is always nice, however if someone were to ask “why” or inquire about your mission statement, your objective should be deeper than money.

  • How does your brand differ from others?

Know your competitors and what makes what you do or offer stand out.

  • Embrace failure, don’t fear it

There is no such thing as failure — failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.


Chances are, everything is not going to always be smooth sailing. Running a business can be difficult. There will be bumps on this business road. However, know that it is normal and see each failure as a chance to come back harder and with a more defined strategy.

  • Document everything (your goal(s)& strategies.

Outline your vision. Outline your plan. Outline deadlines. Stay organized. Have documentation that you can read to reinforce that vision you have in your heart and head.

  • Quality over quantity

Don’t be afraid to invest a little more for a better product. The idea is that not only will your product or reputation be valued but you will eventually make the expenses back.

  • Market your product

We can’t support what we don’t know about. We won’t support what we can’t see. Share, post, & keep everything updated. Engage with your followers. Social media is booming, take advantage.

  • Take risks

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new or more advanced methods, not because “everyone else is doing it,” or out of fear, but because there is genuinely a high probability that it will reap great results, business wise.

  • Legally protect your product or services!

Whether or not you should look into trademarking or acquiring a patent depends on the type of business. If it is an invention, writing, or a specific product created by you, I recommend looking into this. I was told by a dear mentor of mine “You can envision your ideal way before Joe but if Joe obtains the required trademark/ copyright documents, it’s his.”