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Likes for your Soul?

Social media platforms such as, Instagram, are not only updating constantly, but evolving on a tremendous level. As a blogger, it is important to consistently post quality content in order to maintain your brand, however, Instagram’s recent changes has made it extremely difficult to reach new accounts and engage with others on the platform; even your current followers have become more difficult to connect with due to the algorithm. 

Most of us would agree that the order in which your feed is displayed is one of the worst attributes of Instagram, but I believe the affect it has on the psyche and our self esteem takes the cake. Rather than utilizing this social media outlet to connect with family and friends whom you may not be able to engage with on a daily basis, it is now used to obtain followers, likes and views. To make matters worse, people are willing to do anything for attention; anything to get them seen. This includes paying ridiculous sums of money for advertisements and promotions to compromising their morals and values. 

For those of us like myself, who’s accustomed to being in the spotlight or characterized as the popular kid in school, attention isn’t something you crave when it’s always been handed to you. Please be advised that I am not excluding myself from experiencing a time of self doubt due to social media, however, the confidence and self assurance that I have both internally and externally play a major role in preventing me from falling victim to the psychological plague of Instagram.

Although I’ve received from flack from friends, outsiders and individuals with cyber courage that stated I wouldn’t be able to relate to certain struggles on Instagram because I meet a majority of the standards of beauty or been trendy before Instagram existed, my main goal is to educate and inspire others through my medical school journey, new ventures throughout my career and levels in which God has brought me to and places He intends to take me. I want others to know that He can do the same for them and not to allow the perception of society limit them to what they can do. 

No shade to the accounts that have reached large pinnacles of success, but most of them eat, live and sleep Instagram and have nothing else going on for themselves outside of it. When you begin collaborating with other bloggers or influencers, receive deals from major companies and network with successful individuals in the industry, you learn that IG is not all it’s cracked up to be. It isn’t REAL. The more you begin to focus on all of the positives in your life, what you currently have and cultivating the things in your world, the hype of Instagram will begin to fade and eventually, you won’t even notice it. Remember to water your own grass rather than sprinting in a never ending rat race chasing something unobtainable.

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The Top 5 Myths About Travel Agents

Myth #1: Agents cost extra

Truth: Agents actually save you money


Perhaps the most common misconception about agents is that we tack on unnecessary fees, so the prices are always higher. The truth is, agents have access to special rates/discounts.

Many times, the rates we find aren’t even available online because they are exclusive to agents only.

We also get the inside scoop on upgrades and packages, so you may be able to afford an even better experience than you’d imagine!

Myth #2: I can do a better job booking on my own.

Truth: Agents are industry experts. We are required to know more than the average person on various destinations.



With the help of sites such as expedia.com, Travelocity, CheapOAir, etc. you can do it all yourself, right?

Wrong. Sometimes, the knowledge of an agent is needed to ensure you have a seamless vacation.

As agents, we’re required to do specific training that allows us to not only get insider information directly from the tourism boards of various countries, but we’ll also be able to put the pieces of your trip together easily with this information!

That means that we know when you need a visa, when you don’t, if you need certain vaccinations or not, what’s customary in the region, what isn’t, and everything else in between.

PLUS all of this information is given to you well before you book, so you know any unexpected costs beforehand.

***Found an irresistible travel deal online? Submit what you’ve found to us here and we’ll price match it!***

Myth #3: I’ll lose my loyalty points booking through an agent.

Truth: We can apply your loyalty numbers to all of the bookings done through us, and even get you extra points!


When you book through an agent, you’ll never lose out on an opportunity to earn loyalty points! Are you a specific hotel’s honor member or a frequent cruiser? Let us know at time of booking so you can earn or redeem your points!

Myth #4: If they’ve never been to the destination I’m going to, they won’t be able to give helpful tips.

Truth: We have destination experts at our disposal.


Agents have access to databases and people who either live or travel to popular destinations frequently. So, even if we’ve never gone somewhere ourselves, we still know the hottest spots to party, the greatest eateries, hole-in-the-wall joints, and even off-the-beaten path experiences we can suggest to our clients!

Myth #5: It’s difficult to get in touch with them when I need them.

Truth: Most home based agents are available whenever you need them at the click of a button!


Personally, you can reach me via text, call, email or private message almost any time of the day, though general turnaround time for a quote is 24-48 hours. In the case of an emergency, I’m available right away so you can handle whatever life throws at you and I can handle all of your travel needs.
Planning a vacation soon? In need of something exciting to do for your anniversary, birthday or favorite holiday? Request a quote with Magasweets 😊


Myth #5: It’s difficult to get in touch with them when I need them.

Truth: Most home based agents are available whenever you need them at the click of a button!



Myth #4: If they’ve never been to the destination I’m going to, they won’t be able to give helpful tips.

Truth: We have destination experts at our disposal.



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Travel: One Word, Many Definitions

When I hear the word “travel” sometimes I think about packing one bag, boarding a plane, and immersing myself into the unknown for one to two weeks at a time. Other times, I think about gathering my family or all of my closest friends, and taking over a city for the weekend. The beauty in this is that although both times I could have technically traveled to the same place, the experience would be completely different.

Travel in itself is defined as “to make a journey, typically of some length,” but in reality it is the way in which you take this said journey. Here I’ve complied a list of some of the most popular styles of travel. Take a risk and try them all once in your life, you never know which one will surprisingly become your favorite 🙂

Solo Travel

Choose a city/state/country and head there by yourself.unnamed   PC: IG @travelhackingchicks

There’s no one to consult, so say good-bye to compromises. This vacay is all about you! Although it may get lonely and can be more expensive in terms of accommodations, solo travel gives you time to reflect on yourself and meet new people.


Get the most for your money.

Portrait of confident woman backpacking with group

Get yourself a travel backpack, pack your essentials, and head out. This type of travel usually involves staying at hostels or couch-surfing, and finding the best deals for transportation and food. Though you’ll have to plan and budget very extensively, you won’t put a hole in your wallet.

Family/Friends Vacation

Make memories for a lifetime with those you love.

unnamed (2)

What better way to spend a holiday or summer break than abroad with your friends & family! While it may be difficult to rally everyone together, it’s worth it since the little ones have something to remember well into their adult years, and you get to take awesome family pictures.


Choose a destination not too far away and explore for the weekend.

unnamed (3)

If your 9 to 5 won’t allow you to travel when and how you prefer, don’t fret! You can make weekends have a whole new meaning. Look for the lowest airfare, fly out on a Friday after work and return Sunday night. Trust me, you’ll have enough time to make memories.

Road Trip

Pack your essentials into your vehicle and hit the open roads.

unnamed (4)

Explore the natural beauty of your own country as you hit the highways. You can go as far, or as close, as you like and still get the vacay feels. If you own an RV, this is the perfect way to spend time off and it is also the best way to travel with children.

Business Travel

See various places on your company’s expense.

unnamed (5)

Photo credit: FB @CrownedFinancials

If you have to travel for work, why not make the most of your free time? The company is footing the bill anyways! Research the area you’ll be staying and see what you can do after or before your meetings and conferences. For heaven’s sake, you’re already there!

Event Travel

Coachella. Essence Music Festival. Afropunk Fest. OH MY!

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

Photo credit: IG @shimat_

Forget hearing about how amazing these festivals are when they’re over, attend them for yourself! Along with thousands of people who are into the same things you are, you’ll be able to see your favorite singers/dancers/bands up close and personal. How sweet!

            Group Tour

Reserve your space on a pre-planned trip and enjoy.

unnamed (7)

No matter what your interests are, I can guarantee there is a group tour out there for you! Itineraries are usually already planned with free-time incorporated as well. Best part of it all is that you’ll gain friends for a lifetime <3


Volunteer Travel

Explore what life is like somewhere else on the globe and give back.

unnamed (8)

                                                         IG @amberper19

Not only will you be able to impact the lives of the less fortunate, but you’ll also learn about life along the way. Spend your mornings building and/or improving a school, hospital, or community and your nights soaking up the culture.

Long-Term Travel

Stay for a while.

unnamed (9)                                                            IG @withlove_nia

If you’re able to work from anywhere in the world, embrace it! Spend a month or longer in a destination and really experience what life is like there. Once you start this nomadic lifestyle…You won’t want to stop!




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Self – Love

Happy Friday ladies! I hope everybody’s day was nothing short of amazing and if it wasn’t, no worries. Why? Because every hour is an opportunity to restart and lows don’t last forever!

Today I want to take the time out to touch on “Self- Love.” As an active social media user, I tend to see these two words a lot. Everybody is for it and many seem to post about it. However, whether or not one is actually applying the concept is what truly matters. This being stated, what exactly is Self-Love? What does self love mean to you? Now before you answer that question, I understand that there will be a wide range of responses. However, I truly believe that the meaning behind every response will all essentially boil down to the same core principles. Below I have what self-love means to me and 4 steps you can take to begin or continue your Self-Love journey.

Self-Love is Self-Care. Self – Love is having the upmost regard, respect, and love for yourself to the point that you will consistently make decisions that will protect your overall wellbeing and happiness.

1. Sometimes breaks are necessary

It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life motions. There are highs and there are lows. That is life. However, a part of loving & taking care of yourself is knowing when to mentally step away from certain things and reclaim your energy.

• Is a friend, relative, or acquaintance of yours always trying to gossip or has a way of draining you with his or her words? Step away!

• Do you find yourself spending way too much time on social media to the point that it takes away from your day? Step away!

• Attempting to remain friends after a freshly broken heart, but still find yourself crying? Na boo step away!

Whatever or whoever it is, if it is interfering with your peace of mind, removing yourself from that space for a day or two is necessary.

2. Make time to do WHAT you enjoy

• Stop putting your needs or interests on the side, make time for it!

• Deliberately taking time to do what YOU enjoy outside of everyday obligations is refreshing and will play a huge role in keeping you sane.

3. Surround yourself with loved ones

I cannot stress this enough!

• STOP putting your friends on the back-burner.

• Stop telling your loved ones you “don’t have time.”

• Take that sip and paint class with the ladies! Go get drinks with your favorite cousin. Value loved ones while they are here!

• Make that phone call!

4. Have a quiet moment of reflection.

• Take this time to put all electronics on DND and tell God/ the universe what you are thankful for on this very day.

• Shout those heart desires out loud.

• Reflect on your highs or lows of that day

• Listen to an encouraging sermon.

• RELAX & VISUALIZE personal goals