Women to know Wednesday: Mali’s youngest & first Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamissa Camara

This week’s Women to Know Wednesday acknowledges Mali’s youngest and FIRST Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kamissa Camara. She is a woman dedicated to spreading knowledge on culture, religion, and information as it pertains to West African politics. The mission of her work centers around the aim to strengthen and “build intellectual bridges between sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the United States.” Born and raised in France, but by West African parents, she holds a B.A in Applied Foreign Language (English & German) specializing in International Relations & a M.A in International Economics and Development. Camara also holds Yale’s Women Campaign School under her educational belt. She has held various leadership roles related to political, government, and global affairs as well as partake in fellowships that entailed research and in depth African studies.


You may have seen her on Television before or hear her on a radio station from time to time because her speaking engagement opportunities are endless! CNN, Voice of America, just to name two out of many. Well informed, beauty, and brains Camara is definitely a woman to know and to continuously keep an eye out for because we know the list of accolades and positive impact she is currently doing will only get longer and stronger as she climbs what seems to be a political ladder! Congrats Kamissa!

Interested in reading more about this modern day beauty? Check out her online platforms!



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