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Toast To New Beginnings

Graduation Season.

The time where we celebrate those who have crossed over into the adult world and have checked off their box of receiving their long-awaited and deserved degree. Graduates all across the country are embarking on this new journey called adult-hood and let’s face it. It’s not the easiest thing in life. No one truly understands what it’s like to go from being in school and whether or not you’re self-sufficient or depend on your parents or parental figure for support but to be now thrown the curve of the world expecting so much more out of you.

Someone once told me, “In college you’re still cute and cuddly. People still want to help you out but when you graduate you’re now competition and you’re on your own.” As friends graduate and look toward their future. I can’t help but realize that this so true. They no longer are looked at as the young adults who are striving to provide a better future for themselves but accomplish their dreams; but more so as competitors looking to enter their field. The unfortunate truth is this principle still remains in so many people in the different industries across the spectrum. But don’t let this deter you from helping or reaching to someone you know or may not know and offering your expertise when you see fit. As a graduate there’s so many people who could use your guidance and wisdom and sometimes it’s just that one person that change someone’s direction of life.

Graduating… It’s hard, yes but it’s also a new beginning. It’s the time now where they can shine and showcase all the different skills and knowledge they’ve obtained throughout their academic career and begin to make their impact on the world. Nurses, marketing executives, entrepreneurs, accountants, engineers and psychologist just to name a few. All just waiting in the shadows for their moment to change lives and ultimately the world.

So whether this is your first degree or your PhD. Congratulations to all of the beautiful black women and (men) of course for all your hard work. Take the time to enjoy it but don’t become complacent. Continue striving for greatness and achieving all your goals. I am proud of you.


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