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The Power of Words

How many of you believe that life and death is in the power of the tongue? How many of you believe that words truly have power? Consider some of the things you have spoken in the past intentionally or jokingly. Do you find that what you spoke eventually manifested its way into existence? Words having power is natural law. When I think of the common childhood rebuttal, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” I think to myself: wow, this quote couldn’t be any further from the truth than it already is. Physical pain is temporary. Words however can stay in your subconscious forever. We’ve all had hurtful words spoken to us or over our life at some point and unfortunately, if we are not careful we attach such words to our identity, to our daily train of thought which then turns into an insecurity and thinking less of ourselves.

I remember having a bully in 7th grade that intentionally belittled me every single day. Prior to this happening, I never really had anything I disliked about myself. I wasn’t aware of personal physical features that may be perceived as flaws to others. A lot of my past and current insecurities started there. By the grace of God, I then crossed paths with an amazing teacher in high school that became a mentor and a friend. She was such a confident and vibrant individual who poured all of that and so much life lessons and concepts on to me. I highlight these two time periods to acknowledge my personal encounters with the power of words. This individual from 7th grade planted that seed of insecurities and self-doubt, but my teacher gave me the tools to uproot that negativity and begin my journey of self-love and newfound confidence.

This being stated, it’s so important to speak life out loud, to others, and most importantly to yourself! Don’t allow others, especially those who claim to care about you, talk to you any type of way. You are more than enough. You were made with purpose and intention and words can serve as a tool to allow you to believe this and own it!

Words of affirmation:

Words that are positive. Words that are encouraging. Words that provide emotional support, mental upliftment, and/or a declaration of a thought, idea, or goal.

Every morning when I wake up I compliment myself and verbally declare the type of day I’m going to have and claim what it is I wish to receive.

“I am beautiful”
“I am healthy”
“No weapon formed against me shall prosper”
“I have all my needs coming with speed”
“I am expecting….”  Ect.
Declare what is NOT as well!
“I am NOT less than”
“I am NOT going to end up like…”
“I am NOT ….. ect.”

Does doing this guaranteed you will have an amazing day or that you won’t find yourself reflecting on an unfortunate event? Of course not. The unexpected can be expected in this life and we are human. We aren’t high off life 24/7, however starting each day projecting positivity over yourself and your life help put peace of mind in motion. It takes the weight off of that unfortunate event that may come and gives you something to look forward to because when you claim things for your life, best believe once you put it out there into the universe, slowly but surely, things are going to begin to shake and rearrange things in your favor!

Talk to yourself:

  • Have full blown conversations with yourself when alone.
  • Compare your pros and cons to yourself out loud.
  • Vent outload in your car like your inner best self is sitting in that passenger seat taking everything in and ready to respond!

Talking to yourself is how you get to know yourself!


There are various ways to meditate. You don’t have to be sitting crisscross with your eyes closed. You don’t have to chant a mantra in a dark room. Meditation is simply focusing your mind on a particular thought, activity, or object. Whether you can successfully do that with music blasting or candles lit in a tub, it is personal and whatever works for you.

 This being stated, use this moment to

  • Reflect
  • Dissect a situation
  • Give thanks
  • focus on all that is good
  • Acknowledge uplifting words to describe you

Filter what you take in:

You are what you eat, literally and mentally. Are the main people you hang around debbie downers? Do you watch shows that subconsciously plant negativity or distort the way you see yourself or your people? Do you only listen to podcasts that bash and gossip?

In your free time are you lurking or reading over something that you know takes you out of character or working towards a goal or doing something you enjoy?

 Be mindful of what you allow to consume your mind because words have power.

Happy Monday loves, hope it’s nothing short of amazing and productive.

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