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Social Media & Business

Social Media & Business

It’s 2018 and it’s no secret that the opportunities made available these days are endless. We live in a time where your way of life can change in less than 24 hours simply by posting something online. Whether it’s a picture that just so happens to go viral, a video that just so happens to land in the right hands and leads to you being contacted in efforts to do business, or the multiple Instagram pages that advertise hair, art, or clothing. Social media has allowed for people to not only be seen by millions, but profit off of their passions, business endeavors, and my favorite one, profit off of being their authentic selves! Think it’s a game? According to there are now 25 million ACTIVE business profiles on Instagram. Entry level marketing positions solely for monitoring and maintaining the business’s social media pages are hot. Social media is powerful and it’s only right that individuals who are taking on or maintaining business endeavors take advantage of such an influential tool. However, what about the not so entrepreneurial minded individuals?

As previously stated, social media is powerful. If we consider the ways in which we as a society are influenced, social media is definitely at the forefront.  Let’s be honest, the idea of being your own boss looks pretty enticing. You decide when you clock in. You have the means and the time to travel as you please. Furthermore, you are the face of your company. According to social media timelines, being your own boss is trips and flashy designer items worth posting, right? This leads me to my question for you all, do you feel that social media has led people who are not business savvy to believe that they are?

If you have a vision that entails owning your own business, go for it! I am all for ambitious individuals pursuing entrepreneurial passions. However, I encourage you to do your own research and be honest with yourself when evaluating your “why.” Is it a passion, a solid business plan, or did you lead yourself to believe that it “looks” easy and profitable? Many want their own business, but many don’t have the mindset to run or maintain one. Starting and maintaining a business is hard work behind the scenes. You may or may not profit your first year or two. Building a team with individuals as passionate as you are about the vision or a strong work ethic may be a challenge. Furthermore, what sets your business or what you do apart from the rest? Who is your target audience?

And keep in mind the following business tips.

  • Profit or passion?

Extra income is always nice, however if someone were to ask “why” or inquire about your mission statement, your objective should be deeper than money.

  • How does your brand differ from others?

Know your competitors and what makes what you do or offer stand out.

  • Embrace failure, don’t fear it

There is no such thing as failure — failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.


Chances are, everything is not going to always be smooth sailing. Running a business can be difficult. There will be bumps on this business road. However, know that it is normal and see each failure as a chance to come back harder and with a more defined strategy.

  • Document everything (your goal(s)& strategies.

Outline your vision. Outline your plan. Outline deadlines. Stay organized. Have documentation that you can read to reinforce that vision you have in your heart and head.

  • Quality over quantity

Don’t be afraid to invest a little more for a better product. The idea is that not only will your product or reputation be valued but you will eventually make the expenses back.

  • Market your product

We can’t support what we don’t know about. We won’t support what we can’t see. Share, post, & keep everything updated. Engage with your followers. Social media is booming, take advantage.

  • Take risks

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new or more advanced methods, not because “everyone else is doing it,” or out of fear, but because there is genuinely a high probability that it will reap great results, business wise.

  • Legally protect your product or services!

Whether or not you should look into trademarking or acquiring a patent depends on the type of business. If it is an invention, writing, or a specific product created by you, I recommend looking into this. I was told by a dear mentor of mine “You can envision your ideal way before Joe but if Joe obtains the required trademark/ copyright documents, it’s his.”

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