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Monday kick: Vision

How many of you have shared a dream or vision with someone and he or she quickly shut it down or began telling you what they think you should or shouldn’t do? Sometimes what may seem like the most logical and reasonable thing to do might be what will lead to you feeling trapped, confused, and unhappy. I believe people’s negative doubts regarding our visions and ambitions tend to come from their personal past experiences, fear of change, mixed emotions, fear of the unknown, or from a perception of simply not understanding. Don’t be so quick to let others determine your plan of action. Don’t burden yourself with trying to make them understand. Don’t fear being judged. Don’t fear small beginnings. Turn all fear into fuel to get what you want. Pray. Meditate. Sit on it. Listen to that inner voice. I recently had an amazing conversation with a phenomenal woman last week and these words truly resonated with me:

“Do you. Don’t be afraid of what people will think. A lot of people are not even doing what they want to do, so don’t let them tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Make your own lane!”                                                                                                   

  – Michelle Welch.

I Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and will have an even lovelier Monday. Check these sources out below for a further Monday motivation kick. Whether you play it as you get dressed, cook, or driving in your car. Starting the day with inspiring content goes a long way!


Happy Monday!

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Gary V. –  Worried about being judged  (his motivational videos tend to have a lot of profanity, so if you’re sensitive to foul language, no worries, feel free to skip!)


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