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For the Love of Medicine

I recently began my clinical rotations at Florida Hospital this past week and although shadowing is not a requirement, it makes your medical school resume more competitive. This experience not only has altered my perception of life, but I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for my well being. Seeing numerous people with a variety of chronic illnesses and diseases opened my eyes to the lack of knowledge surrounding health. 

One patient in particular has been battling sickle cell disease for their entire life; she’s forty years old and a mother of two. Along with excruciating joint pain and body aches, she was also in need of an oxygen mask due to having difficulty breathing. Thankfully, she has the support of her parents to assist with her illness and children, but I can only imagine her daily stressors.

It’s sometimes hard to fathom why bad things happen to good people, but unfortunately, that is life. There is no easy way to accept these circumstances, but this is what makes the job of a physician special because they have the ability to either find cures or assist with prolonging the life of the patient. This experience has further much confirmed my reasoning to pursue my specialty of interest because it breaks my heart to see those in pain. Dermatology not only allows me to educate others about skin care and assist with clearing their skin, but empower them and build their self confidence.

I highly advise those of you who are premed students or anyone interested in pursuing a career in the medical field to not only shadow at a private practice, but at an actual hospital. It will allow you to see what you’re interested in, as well as what you can and can’t handle. Being a medical professional includes having to keep your composure even during high stress situations. If you have a genuine passion to help those and love medicine, then go for it. Yes it will be a challenging journey, but the outcome will be rewarding.

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Fresh Faced

Tomorrow marks the final day of my makeup detox and I must say that I see a significant difference in my skin. Although I absolutely enjoy being dolled up, I usually take pride in my, “Fresh Faced” days. Disciplining myself to go makeup free for an entire week was a slight challenge this go around because I am still recovering from the allergic reaction that I experienced about a month ago. I was so determined to stick to this detox that in the event that I had to run an errand or leave the house, I wore a medical mask to cover the areas from the sun (oddly enough, I still got hit on and approached, but that’s for another blog post lol).

This detox has allowed me to pinpoint certain products and ingredients that don’t agree with my skin and also served as an example for what happens when wearing makeup excessively. Typically, the longest I’d wear makeup is around eight hours, but between relocating within the last two weeks and entertaining guests that were in town, I wore makeup for thirteen hours over the course of three consecutive days and the irritation that I experienced was a clear indicator that this wasn’t something my skin was accustomed to. Initially, I thought that I was building an allergy to my foundation, but quickly came to the conclusion that wearing it more than my regular regimen. Most are unaware of this, but a majority of skin allergies stem from products already introduced to the skin. For example, you could be using a facial cleanser for ten years and the eleventh year, have an adverse reaction to it.

If you’re a product junkie like myself, I suggest doing an at home patch test if you’re unaware of ingredients that don’t agree with your skin. The area on your inner wrist and forearm are the closest to the skin on your face. Apply a pea size amount of the new product (label if it’s more than one) and allow to sit for (24) hours. If you notice any signs of inflammation or bumps, that is a clear indication of an irritant. If you’d like to take it a step further, you can ask your physician if they offer medical patch tests at their office or to direct you to a physician that does. The process is quite similar, but instead of (24) hours, a patch test panel is taped to your back for (48) hours. They can test anything from makeup to latex to decipher what you are allergic to. Since I am constantly asked about skincare, I also recommend getting your blood type tested. Once your blood type is identified, you can obtain a list of foods and ingredients that aren’t suitable for it. This serves as a great way to clear your skin if you are experiencing problems, but as always, I advise everyone who seeks my advice to speak to a Dermatologist; they are not only professional, but have the access to tools and additional knowledge to conduct further research and can confirm if your skin concerns are dietary, hormonally or cosmetically related.

Aside from giving your skin a breather, I encourage all cosmetic lovers to indulge in a makeup detox. My face is brighter, more even and supple. Not only is it great for your skin, but it helps fuel your self confidence if your suffer with insecurities of going bare. There is something empowering about not wearing makeup and living in your natural truth. For those of you who aren’t as comfortable going makeup free, this is a great way to start. As aesthetically pleasing as you may be externally, remember that beauty fades and at the end of the day, YOU have to be ok with what you see in the mirror when you wake up in the morning, so love yourself wholeheartedly; imperfections and all.

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Women to know Wednesday: San Francisco Mayor, London Breed

It’s never too late to speak on the accomplishment of a woman! On June 5th, San Francisco native London Breed made history as she is the first black woman to be elected as Mayor for the city of San Francisco, California. She attended the University of California Davis where she obtained her B.A in Political Science-Public Service, with a minor in African American Studies. Breed received her Masters in Public Administration (M.P.A) from the University of San Francisco. Breed’s history of taking on leadership roles runs deep. Prior to her election she served on San Francisco’s Redevelopment Agency Commission and the city’s Francisco Fire Commission. She also served as Executive Director for an art and theater related venue, African American Art & Culture Complex. In 2012 she was elected as city supervisor and in 2015 she became board president. The foundation of her political start you may ask? An internship under Mayor Willie Brown for the Office of Housing and Neighborhood services!

It’s said & proven that you have to work 10 times harder as woman of color to get where you want to be, success wise, at times. Finding that London Breed grew up in the city’s projects under her Grandma makes this story relatable, even more inspiring, and can serve as a reminder that we don’t have to finish where we started! We can do anything we set our mind to and nothing is out of reach for us!


“I never fathomed that someone with my background, who grew up where I grew up, could one day become Mayor of San Francisco. Today is a new day.”

-London Breed




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Likes for your Soul?

Social media platforms such as, Instagram, are not only updating constantly, but evolving on a tremendous level. As a blogger, it is important to consistently post quality content in order to maintain your brand, however, Instagram’s recent changes has made it extremely difficult to reach new accounts and engage with others on the platform; even your current followers have become more difficult to connect with due to the algorithm. 

Most of us would agree that the order in which your feed is displayed is one of the worst attributes of Instagram, but I believe the affect it has on the psyche and our self esteem takes the cake. Rather than utilizing this social media outlet to connect with family and friends whom you may not be able to engage with on a daily basis, it is now used to obtain followers, likes and views. To make matters worse, people are willing to do anything for attention; anything to get them seen. This includes paying ridiculous sums of money for advertisements and promotions to compromising their morals and values. 

For those of us like myself, who’s accustomed to being in the spotlight or characterized as the popular kid in school, attention isn’t something you crave when it’s always been handed to you. Please be advised that I am not excluding myself from experiencing a time of self doubt due to social media, however, the confidence and self assurance that I have both internally and externally play a major role in preventing me from falling victim to the psychological plague of Instagram.

Although I’ve received from flack from friends, outsiders and individuals with cyber courage that stated I wouldn’t be able to relate to certain struggles on Instagram because I meet a majority of the standards of beauty or been trendy before Instagram existed, my main goal is to educate and inspire others through my medical school journey, new ventures throughout my career and levels in which God has brought me to and places He intends to take me. I want others to know that He can do the same for them and not to allow the perception of society limit them to what they can do. 

No shade to the accounts that have reached large pinnacles of success, but most of them eat, live and sleep Instagram and have nothing else going on for themselves outside of it. When you begin collaborating with other bloggers or influencers, receive deals from major companies and network with successful individuals in the industry, you learn that IG is not all it’s cracked up to be. It isn’t REAL. The more you begin to focus on all of the positives in your life, what you currently have and cultivating the things in your world, the hype of Instagram will begin to fade and eventually, you won’t even notice it. Remember to water your own grass rather than sprinting in a never ending rat race chasing something unobtainable.

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Soul Ties

Many of us fail to realize the severity of soul ties when we make the decision to lay down with someone. We often hide behind coined terms such as, “savage” and “nonchalant” rather than surrendering to our emotions that follow physical intimacy. Although there are many of us (despite what society believes) that have the ability to carry on as if nothing ever happened after the, “deed is done”, most of us need to admit that as time progresses, feelings eventually resurface and for others, they tend to linger. 

Think about your experiences; are you aware of an individual that you just can’t seem to get rid of? You all may fuss and fight, have spontaneous arguments, take time apart, but then happen to find your way back to one another. Even if you’re cognizant that this person may not be good for you, they aren’t mature enough, ready or on your level, somehow you manage to look past every red flag waived in your direction due to hope, “what-ifs” and unknown soul ties. 

Spiritual bonds such as these require prayer in order to be released. No amount of social media purging and avoidance or deleting contact information and pictures will rid you of what has been internally housed. This is why sex goes deeper than penetration and stimulation; you become one with that individual during the act.

As you mature and the more seasoned you become in life, you learn loving someone does not warrant a relationship. The more time you indulge in your singleness and explore who you are as a person, you will begin to grasp the concept of what you like, dislike and need. Often times, the person that we believe to be our soul mate isn’t meant to be our life partner. With wisdom comes understanding; understanding that what you need from a person to function throughout life is far more important that what you may desire. Many of us have soul ties that we’re unaware of, but in order for you to be freed from something keeping you hostage, you must claim it.

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Women to Know: Patrice A. Harris AMA’s first black female president-elect

It’s always refreshing to see women making history. Especially when they look like us! On June 12, 2018, Patrice A. Harris, MD, became the first black woman elected as president by the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates. Harris was nominated as its president elect at their annual meeting in Chicago. Harris is a psychiatrist from Atlanta. Her journey to be a service to others began at West Virginia University. Harris then went on to complete a psychiatry residency and forensics fellowships at Emory University. It was at Emory University where she held the Barton Senior policy fellow and worked for children, clinically, and worked within an advocacy arena. In 2011 she was elected to the AMA Board of Trustees. In 2014 she served as Secretary and in 2016 she served as Board Chair. Furthermore, through research I found that she served as Director of Health Services in Fulton County, Georgia. Within this role she led the Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and was the past president of the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association (APA). Harris’s past and present roles prove that she is well deserving and qualified for this newly elected position and definitely a woman to know!

patrice a harriss

“It will be my honor to represent the nation’s physicians at the forefront of discussions when policymaker and lawmakers search for practical solutions to the challenges in our nation’s health system. I am committed to preserving the central role of the physician-patient relationship in our healing art” – Dr. Harris.



AMA source 1

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The Top 5 Myths About Travel Agents

Myth #1: Agents cost extra

Truth: Agents actually save you money


Perhaps the most common misconception about agents is that we tack on unnecessary fees, so the prices are always higher. The truth is, agents have access to special rates/discounts.

Many times, the rates we find aren’t even available online because they are exclusive to agents only.

We also get the inside scoop on upgrades and packages, so you may be able to afford an even better experience than you’d imagine!

Myth #2: I can do a better job booking on my own.

Truth: Agents are industry experts. We are required to know more than the average person on various destinations.



With the help of sites such as expedia.com, Travelocity, CheapOAir, etc. you can do it all yourself, right?

Wrong. Sometimes, the knowledge of an agent is needed to ensure you have a seamless vacation.

As agents, we’re required to do specific training that allows us to not only get insider information directly from the tourism boards of various countries, but we’ll also be able to put the pieces of your trip together easily with this information!

That means that we know when you need a visa, when you don’t, if you need certain vaccinations or not, what’s customary in the region, what isn’t, and everything else in between.

PLUS all of this information is given to you well before you book, so you know any unexpected costs beforehand.

***Found an irresistible travel deal online? Submit what you’ve found to us here and we’ll price match it!***

Myth #3: I’ll lose my loyalty points booking through an agent.

Truth: We can apply your loyalty numbers to all of the bookings done through us, and even get you extra points!


When you book through an agent, you’ll never lose out on an opportunity to earn loyalty points! Are you a specific hotel’s honor member or a frequent cruiser? Let us know at time of booking so you can earn or redeem your points!

Myth #4: If they’ve never been to the destination I’m going to, they won’t be able to give helpful tips.

Truth: We have destination experts at our disposal.


Agents have access to databases and people who either live or travel to popular destinations frequently. So, even if we’ve never gone somewhere ourselves, we still know the hottest spots to party, the greatest eateries, hole-in-the-wall joints, and even off-the-beaten path experiences we can suggest to our clients!

Myth #5: It’s difficult to get in touch with them when I need them.

Truth: Most home based agents are available whenever you need them at the click of a button!


Personally, you can reach me via text, call, email or private message almost any time of the day, though general turnaround time for a quote is 24-48 hours. In the case of an emergency, I’m available right away so you can handle whatever life throws at you and I can handle all of your travel needs.
Planning a vacation soon? In need of something exciting to do for your anniversary, birthday or favorite holiday? Request a quote with Magasweets 😊


Myth #5: It’s difficult to get in touch with them when I need them.

Truth: Most home based agents are available whenever you need them at the click of a button!



Myth #4: If they’ve never been to the destination I’m going to, they won’t be able to give helpful tips.

Truth: We have destination experts at our disposal.




Women to know: Meet Janay

A modern black beauty doing the damn thing! Meet Janay Thomas. A Realtor out of Central Florida, born and raised in Orlando, but went off to attend The University of Florida where she received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and minor in Education. Committed to a promise she made to herself, that she wouldn’t stay in Florida, two weeks upon graduating she packed her things and went to NY where she lived for 3 years. While in NY she taught for a year and worked for a non- profit organization under the District Attorney’s office.

Ms. Thomas eventually made her way back to Florida where she taught at an elementary school within the Apopka area. However, something was off. In our phone interview she stated that she felt as though “something was missing and that I needed to make a change in my life.” Ms. Thomas went on to express that Real Estate had been an interest weighing heavy on her subconscious for some time, she just hadn’t acted on it. I asked Ms. Thomas what was the “it” factor that made her decide to finally pursue it.

“One day I decided I needed a change in my life, something new and refreshing! On a Monday, I had an epiphany life needed to be different. I literally enrolled the next day in a real estate course.”

At what point did you decide that you wanted to pursue Real Estate and when did you fall in love with it?

“I kind of always knew. The first time I realized wow, this is really happening, is when I passed my real estate exam on the first try.  I fell in love with Real Estate when I started to see the smiles I would put on my clients face when they completed the purchase of their first home. It’s truly an amazing feeling helping someone’s dream become a reality.”

After passing the exam, what’s next? What was the process like as far as turning this vision into a reality, transitioning from teacher to Realtor?

“Next step was to find a broker. I took a class called “How to Find My Broker” to make sure I made the right decision. Choosing the right broker plays a vital role in your success the first year of real estate. Essentially, this is a process where the broker interviews you and you interview them as well. Making sure you both are a right fit for each other.”

What were your key deciding factors on choosing a broker?

“Education, mentor-ship, and ongoing training. I wanted to make sure I had ongoing training that would prepare me to be the best agent I could be. I also looked for a broker that offered a welcoming and family environment.”

A broker has a large role within Real Estate?

“Yes, the broker plays a large role for any Real Estate company. My broker provides educational resources, training, handles legal compliance, marketing services, mentor programs, and much more.”

What about commercial property?

“I can do commercial. It’s very different than residential. It can be a longer and more tedious process in some instances.”

I’ve always associated the title Real Estate Agent with those in this field, never Realtor. What is the difference between the two?

“A Real Estate Agent is anyone who is licensed to help people sell or buy properties. On the other hand, a Realtor is a Real Estate Agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).”

People tend to associate Real Estate with Airbnb, do you mind clarifying whether or not this is so?

“I believe there is some association between the two. Real Estate owners are now purchasing homes to produce another stream of income. These homes can then be managed by Airbnb, through their property’s management sector.”

It’s not a real interview if we don’t connect on a personal level! Janay briefly shared her personal thoughts on being a black woman in this field, her personal strengths, a little of her upbringing, and essential advice as it relates to real estate.

Do you feel being a black woman and pursuing this career is more tedious?

“No. Not for me personally. My personality catches anybody. The only challenge for me has been my natural hair. I feel that when my hair is big and curly people look at me differently, whereas when it’s straight. This is not a battle per se but definitely something I have noticed, but as far as being black in Real Estate, I think it’s an advantage for me honestly. At my firm it makes me stand out.”

What would you say is a personal weakness and what steps are you taking to overcome?

“I’m my biggest critic. I’m way too hard on myself and I worry too much. There are times where I need to pray more and worry less. I’m accepting that I’m going to make mistakes. I have those Woo-sawing moments where I come to the realization that I won’t know everything – and that’s okay. I learn something new every day – it’s all a part of the process.”

What would you say is a personal strength?

“How motivated I am to be successful. Once I put my mind to something, it’s going to happen.”

Do you feel your upbringing had a significant role in you pursuing this field?

“Not at all. Growing up my family taught me to get an education, get a job, and retire from that job. My mindset is different now that I have networked and realized that’s not what life is about. Real Estate has pushed me to be an entrepreneur. Having a entrepreneur spirit was not taught to me growing up.”

What’s your advice for anyone interested in entering this field?

“Just make sure it’s something you are passionate about and you aren’t just doing it for the money. Real Estate takes time to produce income, it is not quick cash. It takes time to build your clientele, make connections, build your brand, and overall create an image for yourself.”

Janay’s drive to get what she wants and how knowledgeable she is of her field just adds to why she is definitely a woman to know! She travels out state to network, view properties, and essentially build a referral database. You can catch her using her social media platform to build her brand and inform people the importance of credit, steps to purchase a home, the mortgage process, and so much more. Janay’s company also offers an amazing program called the Heroes Initiative that can save you 20% on your home purchase. For more inspiration or information on Realtor Ms. Janay follow her social media platforms!

IG: RealestatebyJanay

Website: www.RealestatebyJanay.com





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Blessings In Disguise

The most gut wrenching aspect about life is the simple fact that regardless of the choices you make for yourself, you will never be in complete control of your circumstances. If you’re a perfectionist like myself, the activities that take place in your daily routine are predominately scheduled. Whether it be event and work meetings or the day, time and amount of funds that are to be removed in order to contribute to bills, everything is done in a timely manner. Unfortunately, you come to the realization that although you make your best efforts to ensure that you’ve dotted all of your, “I’s” and crossed all of your, “T’s”, unforeseen events still take place. 

A perfect example of this was when I originally moved into my condo. I was about (3) months in and the 1st week of the month quickly approached and I noticed a notification from my real estate company stating that the confirmation number for this month’s rent reflected an incomplete payment. To my surprise, I called my bank to find out that I was a victim of card theft and due to suspicious activity taking place on my account, they decided to freeze it. I was grateful that the institution whom I bank with was able to locate the discrepancy before any further damage took place on my account, but frustrated because due to their inability to notify me in a timely manner, my rent was late and an additional late fee was added to my overall payment. Had I foreseen this in the future, I would’ve transferred my funds into my second account.

I provided this past experience because it served as a teaching moment. There have been so many unexpected things taking place in my life in which I lack understanding. Typically when I endure these kind of events, God is up to something; something in which I prayed for. Storms always come before your shower of blessings, but it’s important to handle them in manner that reflects your trust for Him. Everything I’ve been asking Him is coming to fruition, but not in the way I thought it would. Usually, it happens this way; we ask for things, but then begin to question our desires because it doesn’t happen how or when we want it to. I ask that you be encouraged, stay focused and endure the storm because your time is coming.

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Living Single

I know I’m not the only one that feels like being single is weird. It does and it’s like “what do I do next?” What do we do next? Go to happy hour, sit cute and catch a vibe with a fine thang. Have a one night stand why not? It’s easier said than done. I think when women become single we focus more on ourselves. We start to evaluate all that we need to do in order to keep our last bit of peace of mind if you haven’t lost it all. We really start to love thyself. It’s crazy because break-ups are always connected to disconnection, miscommunication/no communication and things we possibly won’t ever forgive. But now I look at break-ups as lessons. Whether that is for you all to get yourselves together and brings those STRONG, INDEPENDENT forces together. Or be completely done with one another so you can prosper accordingly without them. We are starting to use grind time as the getaway instead of taking a bite out of Mr. Chocolate at the bar. We are smart as hell, you better ask about us.


It’s like I just got out a relationship, why do I need to jump right back in? I need space to breath. Find myself again. But damn focusing so much on myself made me a little lonely. And just like that you’ve got your first example on “how single life sucks!” I’m quite sure a few of you are wondering “how did you just say you all of those things about focus on yourselves you don’t need…” I know but you get what I’m saying. That single life hits you at night. Low key it hits me all of the damn time when I least expect it. ZESTYYYYY! Zesty means having the urge to have some hot and steamy sex. Now if I’m single how likely is this going to be happening? Ladies that aren’t concerned with getting some, what about cuddling? Many guys don’t cuddle with women especially while they are single. It shows to much affection for those that are not. Which leaves us zesty, thirsty and about to die from lack of attention and butt rubs. We hold you all completely and utterly accountable. Lol.


All jokes aside how easy do you think being a single, black woman is? That was a serious question. I’ll sit that right there. I’ve always wanted to know what you all “thought” we did and/or do while we are single. Perhaps, drink our little lives away? Yeah? Some of us but womp, womp wrong again. Men in the building keep it funky with your girl, when your ex gets back on the market, for those that care, what do you think she’s doing? Now I want to make this as fun and cranked up as possible. Keep it cute and don’t be rude! Drop comments below!