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Babe On A Budget

As a fashionable modernista, it’s an absolute necessity to have my monthly mani-pedi. Depending on the color, length, polish and style desired, nail appointments can become quite pricey. Before you know it, you’re spending $80.00 per salon visit; not including the tip. I’m not sure about you, but I feel incomplete when my nails aren’t done. As a post undergraduate adulting while prepping for school, it’s very important that I keep my expenses at bay. After a painful visit that caused nail damage and searching for a less expensive alternative, I resorted to doing my manicures myself. I purchased a box of colorless nail extensions as well as my favorite, “Miracle Gel” polish by Sally Hansen and shaped my nails to my liking. The process may take more time, but I’m in total control of how I care and style my nails. The best part about this, “DIY” project is that it only cost $12.00!

Although I am thankful for my form of employment and level of income, I’m a firm believer that it is in your best interest to live beneath your means when the end result is to build your career while investing. This may include skipping a retail therapy day at the mall or substituting your high end boutique with a local clothing store. If you’re like me, thrifting has always been my go-to when I want to save a dollar all while channeling a vintage style. Every event or invitation brought to your attention does not always warrant a, “yes”; it is ok to say, “no” sometimes. As an entrepreneur and blogger, saying, “no” has been one of my biggest challenges because I love to network. I’m also not the best at balancing my time between working and having a social life, so whenever an opportunity presents itself, I cease it.

BabeOnABudgetAs an advocate for utilizing time to the best of your ability, I’ve conditioned myself to put every decision into perspective; how will it benefit me in achieving my heart’s desires? When you change your mindset and hone in on what’s important, it simplifies your choices. There will be times in which you may have to eat leftovers for (3) consecutive nights rather than dining at Ruth Chris even though you can afford it; this is what you call, “sacrificing”. Yes, this may require discipline and until you build the habit, it may be difficult at first, but it is possible. Thinking about my future and the longevity in which all of these practices will bring only motivates me to continue. We all yearn to have nice things, but accessing those things doesn’t mean that you must be left empty handed. Keep your eyes on the prize, make intentional decisions, be economically savvy and be a babe on a budget.

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