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Be Selfish With Your Time And Money

My finances are in a much better state then they were last year. In order for me to get to this point I had to make some very necessary changes.I was no longer transferring money from my saving account into my checking account just to stay afloat.I became very selfish with my time. I was no longer going out of my way just for the sake of being nice.If you want something from me please know that I expect something in exchange for my efforts.Will I be compensated for my services? Will this experience help me grow as a person?


It’s not always about money but, I need  to know what’s in it for me. What will I gain from using my time,talents and skills for someone else’s benefit other than being told “Thanks, you’re so sweet for helping”.No! That’s cancelled.Gone are those days when I used to take Uber’s and city buses around town just to help someone in ways that were convenient for them.

I had to learn that people will continue to use you, if you allow them too.
If you have a side hustle or skill how many of the people in your circle are willing to support you without discounts and handouts? Please know your friends aren’t your friends if they are not willing to pay you for your work but are willing to pay a stranger full price.
Ladies, you are the boss of you. Don’t let other people bully or guilt you in to working for free. Know your worth!

When did you start living for you?

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The Modern Black Girl- Giveaway


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